The mountains of Himachal Pradesh have been glorified with amazing surprises of nature. Manali hill station is situated near the end of Kullu Valley which is about 250 Km away from Shimla. Since Manali is known to be the sacred home of the seven sages known as Saptarishis, that’s why the surrounding of Manali has greater significance to Indian culture and heritage. Manali has been the attractive point for most of the visitors due to its emulsifying natural beauty and amazing surroundings filled with panoramic valleys. The trip to Manali becomes exponential when one discovers a comfortable as well as sophisticated accommodation at any of the budget hotels in Manali. The trip to Manali can become the most exploring event for the travellers along with the accommodation in some 5 Star hotel in Manali. At these types of hotels one can easily overcome the tiredness and clumsiness as stayers enjoys great hospitability and services from the people of the hotel.

Kullu and Manali are aptly called as ‘Himachal’s Silver Valley’. Manali is the hill station which has been blessed with unique natural beauty. When the sun rays skim over the waters and snow or the beams of moonlight dances on the snow-covered peaks the entire valley glows in shimmering silver.

Manali has been named after sage Manu. According to a popular legend, to recreate the human race after catastrophic floods inundated the whole earth the Sage Manu descended from his boat in Manali.
Apple Paradise, Manali
Manali has been divided into two parts: New Manali which is situated near river Beas and its old counterpart which is situated on the far side of glacial melt water of river Manalsu, the Old Manali. Being much more developed town, New Manali is hub for most of the tourists. Hordes of people arrive to explore tranquillity; serenity and peace of Manali and get indulge in adventure sports throughout the year.

Whether it is a comfortable budget hotel in Manali for stay or star rated Resorts in Manali, both offers a range of comfort along with affectionate and warm hospitality. There are lot of hotels in Manali that offer monsoon as well as summer packages designed for leisure tourists, Adventure seekers and Honeymooners. People visit Manali to have a lifetime experience. The hotels of Manali will surely be etched in the memories of visitors forever.

Manali is widely known as shopper’s paradise where visitors can buy all oddments of items on sale starting from Kullu shawls to small trinkets. Exquisite carpets along with some other Tibetan items and handicrafts are offered to the visitors by local Tibetan Monastery. One can find many noble Manali hotels that are situated on the busy Mall Road.

For peace lovers, Manali is known to be a great hangout. Dried up and silent apple plantations convey a dream like feeling to the entire town as well as to the visitors. The moonbeam in the background of the adjacent White Mountains as well as silver peaks that overlooks the silent streets offers a mind-blowing scene. Manali is enclosed with myriad of hotels and resorts. Hotels in Manali are cocoons of comfort in the lap of nature along with the state-of-the-art facilities and services.

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