Darjeeling is one of the beautiful places to visit in India, land of Gods. Before eighteenth century, Darjeeling was ruled by the king of Sikkim. However, Gorkhas invaded the region later to annex the area but lost it to British eventually. The latter discovered the strategic importance of this place and used to escape the heat of the plains. British rulers further developed this place as a tea-growing area and a hill station. Darjeeling is hence, widely acknowledged for its eco-tourism and tea industry. The word of this hill station has been derived from the wordl Dorjeeling that means the place of Dorjee, the great thunderbolt. There are people who believe that thunderbolt is related to Lamaist religion, while other relates it to Lord Indra. Tea, tourism and Timber underpin the economy of this hill station. You would also find cardamom and oranges in abundance in Darjeeling. The traditional crafts and arts of Sikkim and Tibet are sold at great prices here. You can also find traditional Tibetan and sikkimese along with other Indian cuisines at the local restaurants of Darjeeling.

It rains every now and then in Darjeeling. Spring and summer are the two most popular seasons of this hill station, when people like to flock here. Moreover, this hill station is also widely renowned for Bengali and Bollywood film shooting. The ubiquitous and most popular mode of transport is a four-wheel drive. Land rovers are considered to be the preferred choice of the travelers. They can serpentine through the steep and narrow roads of the hill easily. Many local festivals are celebrated with great zeal in Darjeeling. You can be in the town during the festive season to witness the unique charm of this hill station.
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Crockety, Coronation Bridge, Galingka, M organ House, Nature Interpretation Centre, Durupin Dara Hill, Ganga Maya Park, Mirik Lake and Observatory Hill are some of the best tourist destinations to visit in Darjeeling. This city is known to have the moderate climate with five distinct seasons throughout the year. A majority of people prefer to visit Darjeeling from September to June to experience the mild winters and stunning atmosphere.

Talking about the hotels in Darjeeling, you would find everything from budget to five stars providing the best of everything to the travelers. Cedar Inn is one of the 5 star hotels in Darjeeling offering luxurious rooms and world class service. Another five star hotel in Darjeeling is Windamere Hotel that is known for its great hospitality. People who prefer luxury can also stay in Mayfair that provides peaceful retreat, therefore, rank as the travelers’ choice of luxury accommodation.

People who do not wish to spend much on accommodation can stay in budget hotels in Darjeeling. These provide clean and pleasant rooms with a wide array of basic needs to budget travelers. Hotel Capital is one such hotel offering comfortable rooms with modern amenities in Darjeeling. Broadway Hotel is another great option catering to your requirements as early as possible. Some of the other cheap hotels are Grace Inn, Hotel Mount Meridien, Ratnagiri Hotel and Chalet Hotel.

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